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Some background and insight into the team behind HSCT tubulars

Bob Harskamp

Technical Support Manager

since: May 2015

I’m eager to learn from the clients challenges and act as an enthusiastic advocate for drilling and workover projects. Together with the client, l technically and financially assess the opportunity to transform your steel casing design into a composite casing design. Lets explore the opportunities together.

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Rob Selles

Cheif executive officer

since: February 2014

Rob manages and runs day to day operations from the HQ in Lelystad the Netherlands. Rob has been with Akiet since the commercialization of the company.

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Dave Harper

Project Planner / HSE Manager

since: January 2017

My duties include planning and purchasing for the Production, R&D / Testing department and other projects. Next to this, I also fill the role of HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) Manager.

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Jaap Hilbert

Production Leader

since: February 2016

Produces High Strength Composite Tubulars and Couplings with state of the art centrifugal casting machine. Besides the production, I frase the couplings with our robot and I am responsible for the maintenance of all the hardware.

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Floris Degener

Well Engineer & Composite Test Engineer

since: February 2016

Floris designs test equipment and protocols and works with a small team to determine the limits of Akiet's high strength composite tubulars. As a well engineer he is also very familiar with casing design and the associated requirements for composite casing and tubing.

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Richard Kuiper

QA/QC manager

since: June 2016

Prepare/assemble samples and perform test on them as required for the test program. Document and report tests performed, as well as creating, reviewing and updating work instructions and procedures involved.

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Patrick Schut

Production Leader

since: October 2015

Produce High Strength Composite Tubulars and Couplings with state of the art centrifugal casting machine. Besides the production, I am responsible for maintenance of all the hardware and the maintenance of all the tools.

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Emile Lautier

Technical director

since: July 2009

Executive for Innovation and development of product / process and manufacturing . Technical customer interaction.

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Fred Nilson

Vice President Sales & Marketing

since: November 2015

I visit with global E&P companies to assist with their well integrity, ERD challenges, and address See-Thru logging opportunities.  I am also in charge of building out our global representation team and managing their Business Development efforts.

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