akiet downhole composite tubulars

Beyond Steel

85% less weight 10x More Flexible Inert to Corrosion See-Thru Logging

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The Benefits of HSCT are Clear

Production & Profit

A single string of casing and tubing for the life of the well assures maximum uptime and maximum profit. True project execution begins with engineering, and lasts thru operations. Akiet is not just a pipeline manufacture, we are your engineering team.

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Well Integrity is everyone's primary responsibility. It is understood fiberglass is non-corrosive and flexible fiberglass is helpful. To make a fiberglass casing and tubing for downhole? That’s new! HSCT can deliver a clean well minus the corrosion.

Eliminate Corrosion


Openhole logging is the most accurate method of downhole data. Get measurements while drilling and reservoir data for the life of the well with transparent logging courtesy of HSCT!

Transparent Logging

Composite Case

ERD oil well drilling is bound by traditional steel limitations. Heavy, Stiff, Prone to Scale and Corrosion. Go Beyond steel with HSCT casing and tubing:

  • 85% Lighter
  • Smooth Walls
  • 10 X More Flexible Piping
  • Buoyant in Drilling Mud.
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Akiet’s care for Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment stretches much further than our premises.

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Ample stiffness

  • Specific loads Need specific design
  • Extra stiffness To avoid buckling effect