Corporate responsiblity

Akiet believes it has a responsibility to make to its customers, the environment and its employees.


Akiet customers should benefit from our services and products on a range of dimensions including cost reductions, mitigation of risk, a safer workplace and minimization of impact on the environment. With Akiet products operations will become simpler, more effective and more robust. Our products do not corrode and reduce the impact that our customer makes on the environment. Drill locations can be fewer and smaller, handling of tubulars becomes safer both in installation and transport and noise pollution is minimized. Due to their light-weight the CO2 footprint of our products in production, transport  and installation is significantly less that for traditional steel products and there are no waste products that need to be handled.


Akiet was once stated with the objective of enabling geothermal energy exploitation to reduce carbon emissions in a world that increasingly craves for energy. Geothermal energy is a vast and sustainable resource but needs technology like that provided by Akiet to become financially viable and without risk to the environment.

During production Akiet is committed to minimizing impact on the environment by ensuring conformity with all regulatory requirements. During the production process no significant waste streams are created. Energy consumption in its chosen production technology is minimal and no harmful emissions are created.


Akiet employees have the right to return home in the knowledge that they have not been exposed to potentially harmful substances and that their working environment is safe. Because of a duty of care to self and others work practices are sound and every employee is treated respectfully regardless of level of education, background, ethnicity, race or gender. Akiet is proud that its employees are proud of Akiet!


Akiet’s care for Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment stretches much further than our premises.

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