Value proposition

Akiet does not provide generic wholesale products but custom fit solutions to customer needs. Its value proposition consists of five elements which are discussed in greater detail under Akiet Services.

  1. Project and Well Design. Its well engineers work with the customer to determine the loads that the completion will be subjected to in the particular application. These will be different from the loads as determined for a well completed in steel because of the different and anisotropic properties of a composite completion.
  2. Product design and R&D. From the agreed requirements of the tubulars the design of the right product is determined. Using chemical impact simulations and with FEM models the tubulars are designed with as major variables the fiber selection, the required amount of fibers in different orientations within the pipe body, the wall thickness and resin type.
  3. Tubular production.  All tubulars will be produced in Akiet’s fully owned manufacturing facilities using our proprietary Rotary Casting technology. This gives full quality control and in combination with in-house testing capability ensures that product has the properties as agreed with the customer.
  4. Connection Technology. Akiet uses fast curing adhesives in a custom designed sleeve coupling. These couplings are produced in-house and finished to tight tolerances by means of robotics.
  5. Installation Services. Akiet engineers, fully qualified and certified for work  on the drill floor assist the customer with correct installation of the completions to ensure proper installation while minimizing the training requirements of the customer.

Akiet does not just sell tubulars. It provides custom made solutions to the challenges that our customer needs to overcome.


Akiet’s care for Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment stretches much further than our premises.

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