Product Design and R&D

Industry and customer research at the starting phase is very effective to define the basic principles for product design and to translate them into integrated composite tubular solutions. Akiet’s team creates solutions to provide integrated tubular solutions which answer to the needs of its customer.

Akiet performs research and development of new High Strength Composite Tubular (HSCT) products for the oil & gas, salt and geothermal industry, including: corrosive environments, extended reach drilling and casing while drilling applications.

Akiet’s product design and R&D approach

Successful product design and development are a combination of product, market and consumer research, technical expertise and leading project strategies. For Akiet integrated composite tubular solutions offer much more. Material selection, composite tubular design modelling, and testing services are on hand to assist customers to select the most appropriate product for any given application.

Customer needs remain the top priority throughout R&D and in-house manufacturing.

The product design and development services for HSCT systems include:

  • Tri-axial product design analysis
  • Lamination analysis
  • Chemical resistance analysis
  • Finite Element Model analysis
  • Buckling and stress analysis

Delft Geothermal Pilot-Project

The Delft Geothermal Pilot-Project (DAPP) is concerned with geothermal composite drilling technology developments. With DAPP is invested in your future, which was supported by the Province of Zuid-Holland, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERFD). From 2011 until 2015 Akiet has been the coordinator of this project and developed the high speed Rotational Casting Manufacturing (RCM) process. RCM resulted in an unprecedented high quality of composite tubulars. In July 2014 the first Akiet HSCT was successfully demonstrated in Oman by the installation of 100 meters Akiet HSCC in a 5 km deep well. 





Geowell Project

Together with the Geowell consortium Akiet has been awarded a Horizon 2020 project, which is the EU Framework program for research and innovation. In this project Akiet's goal is to research and upgrade the temperature resistance of her composite casings and to develop and create a prototype of a composite tubular system to around 170°C (340 °F) for geothermal applications. GeoWell is a three-year project and started in February 2016.


Akiet’s care for Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment stretches much further than our premises.

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