Project & Well Design Strategy

Drilling and completing a well for oil, gas, salt or geothermal energy requires careful planning with a high level of expertise.

Akiet provides consulting services in project strategy and well engineering operations. Driven by a focus on understanding the customer’s situation and needs to develop the most suitable approach to maximize efficiency and profitability of the customer’s well composite casing design.

Akiet’s project & well design strategy approach

At Akiet diagnostic skills help identify opportunities: to increase production by both minimizing production risks and maximizing reliability, to reduce costs, and to increase well integrity and reliability.

Akiet expertise includes:

  • Well design analysis
  • Production improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Reliability improvement
  • Quality control

For example: Define all load cases taking composite weights into account including duration and fluid exposure. Check load cases versus supplied well design. Confirm the trial and testing program with the customer.

Much of Akiets success comes from creating an understanding of customer’s need and developing custom made products as a result. In many cases, the conventional steel casing design is not always the best solution. Unlike others, Akiet will design and manufacture a dedicated composite casing design to suit specific applications and ensure it is the best solution for the customer’s problem.


Akiet’s care for Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment stretches much further than our premises.

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