Weight reduction

Akiet started out its pursuit for High Strength Composite Casings to reduce the hook-load while installing the casing. That results in the ability to use significantly lighter, and less expensive, drilling and workover rigs.

Comparison with other tubular materials is as follows:

In air Kg/m3 Lbs/ft3
Steel ≈7800 ≈487
Aluminium ≈2700 ≈169
Akiet Composite ≈2000 ≈125

In drilling mud (1300 kg/m3, 81 lb/ft3)

Kg/m3 Lbs/ft3
Steel ≈6500 ≈406
Aluminium ≈1400 ≈88
Akiet Composite ≈700 ≈44

In heavier drilling mud the composite becomes almost buoyant enabling installation in long semi-horizontal wells.


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