HSCT Testimonials

Here’s a few collected experiences from HSCT convinced / satisfied customers.

"This is a really exciting tubular.."

"I have been following the development and market entry of Akiet's HSCT product for about a year. This is a really exciting tubular, I actually have a sample and carry it with me in my work truck to show my customers, it has unique performance attributes I have never seen in my 35 years in the field.

I look forward to operators installing this Non-Metallic pipe in their wells to enable in-depth logging, not just after the hole is drilled but over the life of the well. This product will make every well a Sentry Well!"

Gregg Linville - Invission Well Diagnostics

"Akiet’s New HSCT pipe is a game changer"

"Akiet’s New HSCT pipe is a game changer in drilling and completion tubulars. The non-corrosive nature of the pipe fundamentally eliminates this chronic downhole concern. That key benefit along with the reduced weight of the product (80% less than typical steel) can have positive impacts with the use of smaller rigs and reduced HSE risks with the handling of lighter materials."

Alan Broxson - Managing Partner with Highland International

"Advanced chemical-mechanical failure & lifetime modelling.."

"Akiet's HSCT is developed on basis of the most advanced chemical-mechanical failure & lifetime modelling and testing approach in the industry."

Sijmon van der Wal - Director Composite Agency

"Akiet tackled the problem at its source.."

“Applying the promise of composite in pipes has given mixed results over the past 50 years. To date still not all properties of composites in pipes are fully understood by lack of a concerted and focused effort. The inconsistency in results can at least in part be explained by the inconsistency of composite pipes themselves. The common production processes render a composite wall with significant inclusion of voids that may cause all kinds of variability and inconsistency.

Akiet tackled the problem at its source. Its proprietary production process renders a void-free tubular while maintaining control over anisotropic properties. To come to reliable products for arguably one of the most arduous application environments, deep downhole, the failure envelope has to be understood properly for all combinations of loads; torque, compressive, tensile, burst and collapse. This goes way beyond any existing and limited normalization and certification

With Akiet an extensive testing program was developed. With this effort, Akiet is making a big step in the future for composites in general, and the end user can benefit from the optimum void free high quality laminate construction, high performance- and corrosion free products.”

Jeroen Van Bussel - GRP Piping Specialist of GRPCenter Industriteknik Sverige