Production and injection wells

Under certain conditions corrosion is a significant challenge and steel suffers from attack from formation water from the outside (especially in loss-circulation zones) causing either high operational costs or, in the worst case, premature abandonment of wells. Acids (e.g. hydrogensulphide, carbondioxide) or bacteria in the produced oil or gas can cause corrosion problems from the inside on both the pipe bodies or the threaded couplings.

Especially in injection wells scaling can be a problem for the casings. Because of the relative roughness of steel, especially after a few years, dissolved ions precipitate as salts and a layer builds up to further limit the flow. Pieces of scale can break loose and jam valves, metering equipment and other.

Akiet composite systems, pipes and couplings, have high corrosion resistance and the required strength to eliminate corrosion related problems.

Akiet offers steel-to-composite and composite-to-steel crossovers which enable integration with steel casings within the same completion string. Composite can be placed in corrosive strata with the remainder of the string being steel.

Akiet High Strength Composite Tubulars (HSCT) are very smooth on both the inside and out. Friction is significantly reduced but more importantly scaling does not take place because the salts do not hold. The tubulars stay clean and no problems are incurred with lumps of solids from scaling.


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