Oil & Gas Industry

Traditionally in the oil & gas industry wells are drilled and subsequently completed with steel tubulars as casings, liners and tubings. Whereas steel has proven itself as dependable and versatile material in many applications, it has negative properties that affect well life or operating cost in certain cases. Steel can also be a constraining factor where its properties hinder operational progress.

Akiet is specialised in developing composite GRE (Glassfibre Reinforce Epoxy) tubulars for downhole applications only and we understand the specific challenges of our customers. In all operations the use of High Strength Composite Tubulars reduces the weight of the casings with obvious benefits in terms of reduction of environmental and safety hazards in transport and handling.

Akiet has identified that our products add the most values to our customers in the following applications:

Production and injection wells

Mostly due to corrosion and scaling resistance.

Extended Reach Drilling

Wells with long horizontal outsteps can be completed further because the composite casing almost floats in the drilling mud. The common problems with friction of heavy steel casings do not occur.


Akiet composite casings allow for logging through the casing during installation and production.

Helicopter Serviced Operations

Weight reduction leads to cost savings.



Akiet’s care for Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment stretches much further than our premises.

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