Solution Mining

In solution mining operations steel has been the material of choice for well completion. The last cemented casing typically has two strings suspended in it with two annuli, commonly referred to as the “A”-annulus and the “B”-annulus. Especially on the water injection side corrosion from either oxygen or bacteria, can cause corrosion on the outside of the smaller tubing and the inside of the larger tubing. Because with corrosion a thick layer is formed the effective area of flow is significantly reduced.

Composite tubulars as developed by Akiet are not only resistant to chemical attack and corrosion; they also are extremely smooth which virtually eliminates any form of scaling. The annuli and bore of the inner tubing remain free from obstructions and do not need scavengers, inhibitor installations and chemicals nor workovers for cleaning and repairs.

In comparison to other composite tubulars Akiet applies glued couplings with API dimensions. This ensures that no valuable downhole space is lost because of wide couplings.

Because Akiet High Strength Composite Tubulars (HSCT) are transparent to sonar signals cavern dimensions can be logged through two tubings without significant loss of resolution. This saves considerable cost for workovers for sonar logging.


Akiet’s care for Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment stretches much further than our premises.

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