6 Benefits of Voidless High Strength Composite Tubular System


In its continuous product improvement programme Akiet has developed the capability to produce its High Strength Composite Tubular (HSCT) without any voids in the composite body. Voids are the weak spots in any composite body since they induce microcracking and cause deterioration of performance over time.

Benefits of "NO VOIDS":

  • No Inclusion of Gas/Liquids
  • No Crack Nucleation Site
  • No Permeability
  • Better Mechanical Properties
  • Better Lifespan of Composites
  • Better Performance

The Akiet samples were tested by three independent third parties. The first party did microscopic research, the second party used electron-microscopies and the third party performed an infrared void detection trial live during the JEC Composite conference. The conclusion of third pary investigation revealed good quality composite tubular reflective of good manufacturing process.

The voidless HSCT is unique for the Oil & Gas and Geothermal industries and opens opportunities for operators to complete challenging wells:

  • with corrosion & scaling problems and improve life time of wells and production performance 
  • who wants to log through the casing and improve observation performance
  • to complete extreme-reach ERD wells to increase productivity

Why complete your well with steel or a void contented downhole tubular, when a unique product is now available on the market?

Lets explore opportunities together!


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