Great interest in Akiet HSCT during GeoTHERM


Akiet was presented during the GeoTHERM conference in Offenburg by Fangmann Energy Services. Flyers, electronic presentations, FAQs and a sample were available at the booth of Fangmann. Fangmann presented an innovative system for cementing GRE/Composite casing.

During the GeoTHERM conference, many interesting conversations were held about composite materials in geothermal applications. Operators of geothermal projects in Turkey, France, Italy and Germany showed great interest in Akiet‘s High Strength Composite Tubular (HSCT) system.

The main benefits of Akiet HSCT over steel tubulars are the corrosion resistance, smooth surfaces (flow characteristics) and reduced weight (enabling use of smaller rigs). The feedback of potential customers showed a large interest for higher temperature ranges, which Akiet‘s R&D department is developing.


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