Installation of HSCT in Geothermal System in The Netherlands


On 11 May 2016  Akiet installed a length of 7” diameter High Strength Composite Tubular (HSCT) in a geothermal installation of ECW Geomanagement at Middenmeer in The Netherlands. With this customer Akiet is working on a first geothermal well in The Netherlands equipped with its HSCT system.

The benefits of Akiet composite in this application are the corrosion free attributes and smooth surfaces which inhibit the occurrence of scaling. The length of HSCT was installed at surface to confirm that abrasion from produced sediment, scaling and corrosion do not occur at the operating temperature of 95 C (203F). From the video it can clearly be observed that the tubular has no void content in the matrix which normally would cause degradation over time. As far as known Akiet is the only supplier in the world able to produce such Composite Tubulars. Please check video on the right.

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