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Some background and insight into the team behind HSCT tubulars

Floris Degener

Well Engineer & Composite Test Engineer

since: January 2016

Floris designs test equipment and protocols and works with a small team to determine the limits of Akiet's high strength composite tubulars. As a well engineer he is also very familiar with casing design and the associated requirements for composite casing and tubing.

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Rob Selles

Chief executive officer

since: February 2014

Rob manages and runs day to day operations from the HQ in Lelystad the Netherlands. Rob has been with Akiet since the commercialization of the company.

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Bob Harskamp

Technical Support Manager

since: May 2015

I’m eager to learn from the clients challenges and act as an enthusiastic advocate for drilling and workover projects. Together with the client, l technically and financially assess the opportunity to transform your steel casing design into a composite casing design. Lets explore the opportunities together.

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Jaap Hilbert

Production Leader

since: February 2016

Produces High Strength Composite Tubulars and Couplings with state of the art centrifugal casting machine. Besides the production, I frase the couplings with our robot and I am responsible for the maintenance of all the hardware.

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Falco van der Veen

Manufacturing Production Manager

since: February 2013

Falco was part of the original R&D team in Lemmer that was tasked with developing and building the original prototype machines that were instrumental in the breakthroughs of High Strength Composite Tubulars or HSCT.

Falco has constructed many of the proprietary devices that aid in the construction of HSCT and its unique features.

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Richard Kuiper

QA/QC manager

since: June 2016

Prepare/assemble samples and perform test on them as required for the test program. Document and report tests performed, as well as creating, reviewing and updating work instructions and procedures involved.

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Patrick Schut

Production Leader

since: October 2015

Produce High Strength Composite Tubulars and Couplings with state of the art centrifugal casting machine. Besides the production, I am responsible for maintenance of all the hardware and the maintenance of all the tools.

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Emile Lautier

Technical director

since: July 2009

Executive for Innovation and development of product / process and manufacturing . Technical customer interaction.

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Fred Nilson

Vice President Sales & Marketing

since: November 2015

I visit with global E&P companies to assist with their well integrity, ERD challenges, and address See-Thru logging opportunities.  I am also in charge of building out our global representation team and managing their Business Development efforts.

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Dave Harper

Project Planner / HSE Manager

since: January 2017

My duties include planning and purchasing for the Production, R&D / Testing department and other projects. Next to this, I also fill the role of HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) Manager.

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